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Athletic Departments-

Over 80% of the information we use to make decisions in sports is based on information gathered through the visual system. We address our athlete’s physical fitness, nutrition, general health, sleep, recovery, injury prevention and rehab. What goes unaddressed is arguably the most important contributor to athletic performance- the visual system.

SportSight offers sport specific programs that coaches can integrate into their existing practice plans, general programs to integrate into existing strength/conditioning programs, and we also offer completely custom programs that include a SportSight trainer onsite.

P.E. Curriculum/ After School Programs-

Experts say that roughly 80% of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually. At SportSight, we assess and train the visual system to make sure the information gathered (by the visual system) is correct.

SportSight offers a fun, exciting, active, and engaging program based on developing coordination, executive function, and cooperation. Although this curriculum is not designed to treat or diagnose visual deficiencies; the program could potentially expose symptoms.

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Gym Owners

Do you own a performance lab, gym, dojo, or athletic training center? Do you train dynamic visual skills?

If not, contact us today to find out how you can add the latest technology and science to your current training protocols. Want to attract serious athletes? Want to increase your membership? What separates you from the competition? Capture the SportSight rights to your market before your competition does.

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Sports Clubs


SportSight is currently looking for part-time sports vision trainers.

The ideal candidates have a vast knowledge of sports, coaching or playing experience, enjoy working with people, and interested in technology and the science of sport performance. This position requires physical activity and work may require being outside. Some travel opportunities if desired.

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